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About Me

Hi I am Dr. Barb. When I was a little girl, I used to wonder what life was all about.
I often envisioned myself lying down in a beautiful field of flowers and staring
up into the vast universe and wondering about my existence. I did not know the Lord,
but I knew there was something, surely there had to be some being—beyond what I was
seeing. “The vastness of the universe, the sky, my life–there has to be some meaning!
Why have I been placed here? Is there a blueprint for my life?”

I did accept Jesus into my life eventually and I realized, “Yes, God created me for
destiny for kingdom purposes  and He has always had a plan for me. I just needed to tap into it.” Not only does the Lord’s want me to be the best person that I can be–spirit, soul and body, but he is equipping me to accomplish his kingdom purpose.

God has a destiny and plan for you, too, dear friends. Come! Let us explore and develop the treasures and deposits that God has placed within us together! Let’s tap into the wealth of resources that God has stored up for us!

Let the journey begin!