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The Merismos by Randy Shankle

Randy Shankle’s book, The Merismos, is a must read for Christians. It adds another, deeper dimension to the Holy Spirit’s work in the Body of Christ, as well as in the lives of individual Christians.

As Shankle states, “It is time that the Body of Christ steps over into a brand new dimension . . . We can move over into that realm and experience the total freedom that comes when the soul and body are brought into subjection (to the spirit), and when the spirit man dominates and controls the lifestyle . . . at no time, is there resistance to the pure flow of the Holy Spirit.” (Introduction).

Shankle notes that, “. . .for many years, I operated in Christianity in the soulish realm. I adapted the spiritual principles of God in te soulish realm, and that very thing is going on today in the majority of Christians and Christian ministries.” (p13) He further maintains that the spirit man (pneumatikos) and the soul man (psuchikos) are operating in the same areas and teaching the same principles and most Christians cannot discern or distinguish between the soulish and spiritual teachings.

The Merismos is the “separation or distinction made between separate parts” for the purpose of clarification. (p 12) Randy Shankle notes that merismos is the Greek word that is translated “dividing asunder” in Hebrews 4:12.

For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Hebrews 4:12.

This Teaching reveals how the Word brings division to the spirit, soul and body so as to clarify when Christians are operating in the soulish realm. As the light of the Word exposes the soul, it is dethroned. Dethroning the soul yields brokenness. This submission and brokenness of the soul releases the spirit man and allows it to reign fully in the lives of Christians. This yielding of the soul to the spirit produces one heart.

Seer Dimensions by Jennifer LeClaire

Seer Dimensions is a must read book for the body of Christ, particularly, those who are interested in a deeper revelation of the prophetic and seer realms. Seer Dimensions goes deeply into the seer gift. It is written by one of the premier prophetic-seer voices of this century, Apostle Jennifer LeClaire. It adds much needed insight into here-to-fore ignored seer dimension.

Seer Dimensions held my interest throughout, a feat unmatched by many other books. Apostle LeClaire notes that, “ seers are prophets who receive their revelation by peering through the veil of the spirit realm as God allows. Not all prophets are seers, but all seers are prophets.” They are two different streams of the prophetic. The prophetic focuses on the auditory gift of speaking while seers perceive with the spiritual eyes of the Holy Spirit.

Seer Dimensions provides examples of seers in operation from Adam’s “seeing” in Genesis before the fall to John the Revelator “seeing in the spirit” in Revelations. Seer Dimensions even includes the experiences of those who walk in the seer realm today. But most importantly, it provides the needed knowledge to learn to discern and cast down vain imaginations and the demonic, distinguishing them from that which is spiritual. Learning to understand and interpret the seer realm is important because it is a spiritual gift, ordained by God.

There are some profound statements penned in Seer Dimensions that can change the life course of one aspiring to the seer gift or even the seasoned seer.

  • We are spirit and our spirit is seated with Christ in heavenly places. Sitting together in heavenly places in Christ is our legal position—the position from which we war and see in the spirit.
  • The following quote from the Lord was given to Apostle LeClaire after she moved into another dimension after meditating on Revelation 4:1: “The kingdom of God is within you. Everything you need is within you.. All the resources you require are within you. You don’t even have to pull it down from heaven. It is within you. Speak it out of your mouth and you will see it. Christ in you, the hope of glory. The richness in glory in Christ are within you.”