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Operating in the Courts of Heaven by Robert Henderson

I recommend Operating in the Courts of Heaven as a must read book. It sheds light on why some prayers are not answered. Henderson enlighten us and helps to bring us closer to getting more of our prayers answered rather than the simplistic answer that God’s answer to prayer is sometimes, “Yes,” sometimes, “No,” and sometimes, “Wait.” According to Henderson, when we seek or petition God for something, we are actually entering into spiritual conflict. While praying to God, the devil and his demonic forces hear prayers and engagein the conflict, resisting answers to prayers.. A prime example, notes Henderson is Daniel’ prayer in Daniel 10:12-14. It took 21 days before Daniel got the answer to his prayers. The angel, Gabriel, tells Daniel that his prayers were heard but the Prince of Persia resisted him for twenty-one days—then , the archangel, Michael came to help.

According to Robert Henderson, when we pray, we need to know where the conflict lies. Many are taught that all conflict occurs on the battlefield, (some do), but most conflict, writes Henderson, begin in the courtroom of heaven.

The key to answered prayer is to learn how to operate in the courtroom of heaven. We must give God the legal iight to fulfill his desire to answer our prayers. That means learning to win verdicts in God’s courtroom. We must remove any legal right of Satan to accuse us by repent of our sins, as well as repenting of bloodline sins. James 4:7 states that we must resist the devil and humbly submit to God. Christians are priests and kings as to God. As priests, we intercede to put things in legal order; as kings, we make our decrees known to God. Our decrees then, carry the authority of heaven’s courtroom, based on the Word. God, the Judge, is then able to freely fulfill his will which is to grant an answer to our prayers.

Henderson notes that when we move prayers from the battlefield to the courtroom, unanswered prayers are answered.

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