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The Merismos by Randy Shankle

Randy Shankle’s book, The Merismos, is a must read for Christians. It adds another, deeper dimension to the Holy Spirit’s work in the Body of Christ, as well as in the lives of individual Christians.

As Shankle states, “It is time that the Body of Christ steps over into a brand new dimension . . . We can move over into that realm and experience the total freedom that comes when the soul and body are brought into subjection (to the spirit), and when the spirit man dominates and controls the lifestyle . . . at no time, is there resistance to the pure flow of the Holy Spirit.” (Introduction).

Shankle notes that, “. . .for many years, I operated in Christianity in the soulish realm. I adapted the spiritual principles of God in te soulish realm, and that very thing is going on today in the majority of Christians and Christian ministries.” He further maintains that the spirit man (pneumatikos) and the soul man (psuchikos) are operating in the same areas and teaching the same principles and most Christians cannot discern or distinguish between the soulish and spiritual teachings.

The Merismos is the “separation or distinction made between separate parts” for the purpose of clarification. Randy Shankle notes that merismos is the Greek word is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Hebrews 4:12.

This teaching reveals how the Word brings division to the spirit, soul and body so as to clarify when Christians are operating in the soulish realm. As the light of the Word exposes the soul, it is dethroned. Dethroning the soul yields brokenness. This submission and brokenness of the soul releases the spirit man and allows it to reign fully in the lives of Christians. This yielding of the soul to the spirit produces one heart.

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