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Day 5, Verse 5, Psalm 23

     5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of

     Mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup

     runneth over.

At this point, it has clearly become about David’s relationship with the Shepherd and thus, our relationship with the Shepherd, Jesus Christ.  David writes that though our enemies surround us, we can be confident that every provision, every need that we have has been prepared on a table  before us.  We have no need to fear even in the presence of our enemies. There are provisions in His Word; there are provisions in the Holy Spirit direction; there are the provisions of his guardian angels; there are provisions of his earthly counsel and prayer warriors; there are even provisions made through our sanctification.  On our table of preparation, the Lord  has withheld no good thing.  (Ps 84:11)

Even before David was king, as a shepherd of his father’s sheep, he had been persecuted by his brothers.  When Saul approached Jesse, David’s father, Jesse presented his sons before Samuel, but none was the anointed one.  They had to send for David who was out in the field and not considered, even by his father.  Samuel anointed David’s head with oil.  He was anointed, blessed and called to be the next King of Israel.  (1 Sam 16) His cup, his portion in life, was overflowing.  He was abundantly blessed, even in the midst of his brothers who resented him.

When God anoints his children’s heads, he blesses and sets them apart.  David was anointed to be king. (1 Sam 16:13) Aaron was anointed to be high priest. (Lev 18:12)  We can also received God’s blessings through his anointing with oil and our cups can run over in abundance.   His anointing brings abundant blessings–so much so that our cup can overflow in the midst of our enemies.



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