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Be Still and Know that I am God (Psalm 4:10)

Sometimes it is good to just sit before God and allow the Holy Spirit to cover us.

Reuben Morgan (with lyrics by Don Moen) wrote the song, “Be Still and Know that I am God.” The part that touches my heart the most is when Moen sings, “When the oceans rise and thunders roar, I will soar with you (with the Lord) above the storm . . . I will be still and know you are God.”

I just went through a storm of my own this year. I had major surgery on March 26.  My orthopedic surgeon replaced my left hip joint with a titanium hip joint.  I had been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. I wrote about this health situation in “Healthy Living.”

Yes, I believe in supernatural healing with every thing that is in me.  The pain was so great in my hip that I finally opted for the surgery.  I did not get my supernatural healing but Jesus is still my Healer—he guided the surgeon’s hands.  I have no doubt about that!

In this healing time, I have chosen “to soar above the storm.” I have chosen to be still and know that you are God”—nothing will ever change that!  As I soar with God above this storm, my soul rests and trusts in Christ alone!

Be Blessed

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